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"We work to achieve your vision while exceeding your expectations. Richard looks forward to that opportunity."
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Richard listened to our needs and built our house down to the last detail. We needed a handicap accessable home for our son and we could not be happier. Richard is very reliable and goes over all of the details as the building process takes place. We would use Richard again for any of our needs.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins

We have hired Richard several times for various remodeling projects. He is highly knowledgeable and a perfectionist in his work. He has highly skilled workers who provide quality work. His honesty, integrity, and perfectionism make working with him easy. We knew he would finish any project with complete satisfaction.

Dr. Dean and Toni Moutos

Richard finished building our first custom home in 2006. We have been extremely pleased with the results. He is an expert builder who consistently produces quality homes and stands behind his work. He is very personable, pays great attention to detail and stays on schedule - we would recommend Richard to any of our friends who were looking to build a custom home.

Joseph and Emily Perrone

My husband and I could not be happier with our new home and Richard's work. Richard's amazing attention to detail resulted in a much higher quality of home than we would have had working on our own. After almost two years, he continues to be concerned about the quality of work and never hesitates to help us when we have a question, a repair or need an opinion on a maintenance issue. We highly recommend Richard.

Lance and Kandi West

As a consumer expert, I know well the difficult relationships that home buyers/remodelers often have with their builders. Many sigh, roll their eyes or cringe when talking about it! But I also know Richard Harp well and can attest to his deep knowledge, high integrity and client focus. Richard is truly exceptional, which is why so many of his friends, associates and clients practically jump in order to recommend him!

Jim Karrh

Richard is a great builder! He did the renovations on our newly purchased house and was professional and diligent throughout the entire process. We felt at ease that Richard was taking care of our house like he would his own and we were completely satisfied with the outcome. He has become a great friend because we respect his professionalism and hard work. He met the deadline, was on budget, and we cannot wait to start on additional projects with him leading the way.

Doctors Gautam and Cindy Gandhi

Cannot recommend Richard highly enough! My wife and I purchased an older home in Pleasant Valley that we intended to completely remodel and bring up to date. Richard was a tremendous partner in this project. Through Richard's leadership this project was very well managed and financially on target. Richard was adaptable to change throughout this large scale project. We are already thinking about the 2nd phase of our plans and wouldn’t think of working with anyone different than Richard and his team!

John Pat and Lindsey Ryan

It's hard to pick just 3 of the attributes to describe Richard. He is excellent at what he does and very personable and creative throughout the entire process. Our home is so well built, yet so uniquely ours. We feel we received excellent value for the cost of our home. All work was completed in a timely manner with great attention to detail given at every juncture. I highly recommend Richard Harp as a builder/contractor. I have hired him to make improvements to our home since its construction in 1999 as well with great results once again.

Tony and Lesley Cooper

My wife and I have known Richard for several years. We knew when we were ready to build a new house he would be our builder. The job he did was outstanding, we love our new home! Richard is very knowledgable and helped guide us through every step of our house. The house was completed on time and within our budget. He was great to work with and extremely organized. Building a house can be a stressful time, but with Richard's help and expertise the process was easy. With his many years of experience, he was able to help me make decisions and keep our project within budget and on time. We would highly recommend Richard if you are looking for a custom home builder!

John and Leslie Bennett

After seeing Richard’s excellent work in the form of homes for two friends, I hired Richard to build our new home in Hillcrest. In a unique situation, we were, instead of remodeling, rebuilding from the ground up an expanded version of our existing home on the same lot. Parts of the house are nearly identical to the original, and the new areas are entirely consistent with the old. Many people have in fact asked if it really is all new construction, which is in my mind a great tribute to Richard's work. We now have the best of both worlds, a modernly constructed, highly energy efficient (geothermal HVAC), very beautiful home that fits perfectly into our historic neighborhood.

Brady Gadberry

It is very difficult to select only three attributes to explain our experience with Richard. Richard built our house in 2012. We are extremely satisfied and whole heartily recommend Richard and his team to anyone that is building a home. Richard's approach and commitment is unmatched by any home builders I have dealt with in the past. He worked long hours and made daily visits to the project and at times multiply visits. His sub contractors are very professional, pleasant and provide a high level of expertise to the project. Our experience did have the usual bumps in the road that any major project encounters, however Richard managed these issues in a timely fashion. He also ensured our satisfaction in the resolution of any unexpected issues and delivered our house to us a week before the projected closing date. You cannot go wrong with Richard Harp Homes!

Don Shipley

Working with Richard Harp Homes on my own home remodel was a dream experience. I have worked with Richard many times for our client's projects, and I knew he was organized and efficient. But when you're in the middle of your own major renovation, having a contractor that keeps the project on time, on budget, and handles all the stressful situations with speed, accuracy and a whole lot of common sense, helps turn all the possible negatives of a home renovation into a positive and enjoyable experience. One of my favorite things about working with Richard is no matter what design idea I imagine, he doesn't say no. He always finds the best way to bring my ideas to life, keeping both the timeline and budget top of mind. I highly recommend Richard for any renovation or new construction project as I've worked with him on both with great success. When we do another project in the future, Richard will definitely be our contractor of choice. My family and I couldn't be more pleased with his professionalism and quality of work. We are super happy and grateful clients. Thank you Richard and the team at Richard Harp Homes for bringing our dream home to life! We will create many joyful memories here for years to come.

Tobi Fairley

Our friends all agreed that being close to our granddaughters was a good reason to move to Little Rock. But everyone thought it would not be possible for us to custom build a retirement home without being on the ground. “You’ve got to be there!” they all said. But we got lucky, and found Richard Harp. Richard made it work! Our dream home was anything but cookie cutter, but Richard listened to our plans, respected our desires, and put it all together. We wanted geo-thermal energy, an effective safe room, and a simple design that would let us show our collectibles. Richard helped us place our house on the lot. He guided us away from some ideas, advised us on others. In all cases Richard made our plans his priority. Effective communication was key. When we were able to meet on site, Richard had everything organized so we could make the best use of our short stay. When away, and throughout construction, Richard kept us apprised with descriptions and photographs of what was happening, almost on a daily basis. He diligently sought our opinion and responded to our questions in a timely fashion. He hired skilled sub-contractors to do the work, and kept a very close eye on both their work and the finances. He constantly looked for ways to cut costs without cutting quality, and made all the finances available for our inspection. Richard also made sure that he was building a house to suit our likes and desires. As an added bonus, his wife Brandy, also gave us extremely helpful advice and suggestions that we have come to appreciate more than we could have imagined. Richard is also a perfectionist and carefully inspects the work of his sub-contractors and demands the work meets his high standards. And, the house was completely ready to occupy on our planned arrival date. Even after the bills were all paid and the account with Richard Harp Homes was closed out, he continues to make sure that everything is working as it should. We love our house and we’re proud when people say, “I see you’ve got a Harp home.” We heartily recommend Richard Harp to others who want a quality home.

Ann and Peter Bleed

We recently concluded a new-home construction project with Richard, and I wanted to offer a word of recommendation based on our experience. For starters, we were particularly impressed with Richard's skill and knowledge in the building industry, not only at a general level, but also across the many disciplines/specialties involved in the construction process. This was certainly invaluable during our preparatory activities, as well as for ongoing decision milestones throughout the project. This knowledge and experience underlies Richard's incredible attention to detail. As opposed to an agnostic view towards a house, he clearly assumes a role of ownership and interest, accepting and demanding nothing less than the high quality that he represents. This was evident during the actual construction, as well as with follow-on adjustment activities. For the typical, naïve homeowner, this is an important and reassuring quality. Finally, based on the typical “experience” that one hears about, we are appreciative of his ability to keep a project on track. From what I hear, it is rare for a new home construction to come in under budget, while being completed (in our case) a month earlier than projected. Beyond these notable professional qualifications, lies an equally impressive “style” of doing business, which deserves equivalent acknowledgement. In particular, Richard was a willing and proactive consultant throughout the process, in order to achieve the desired result in a cost-effective manner. With his input, we were able to weigh the costs/benefits of a particular decision, and invest in the areas of most importance to us. As well, Richard maintained excellent and open communications in consistently seeking our input, as well as providing ongoing feedback and reports on the progress of the activities (in both the construction and budget areas). Additionally, we appreciated his flexibility in accommodating changes and enhancements during the construction period. In closing, let me simply say that our experience in working with Richard was exemplary, from start to finish. I would be happy to serve as a reference to anyone interested in further understanding his high standard of work. .

Carson Hampson